The Centre for Learning on Evaluation and Results (CLEAR) is a global multilateral institution established with the aim to strengthen the capacities of developing countries to produce and use evidence for decision-making. CLEAR was established in 2010 to lead a sustained and innovative monitoring, evaluation (M&E) and performance management capacity building in partner countries through a network of regional academic institutions. In 2011, CLEAR Anglophone Africa was instituted as one of the six regional centres that form the CLEAR Global Initiative. As a host for the CLEAR Anglophone West Africa agenda and a partner to CLEAR AA, CLEAR GIMPA was established in 2012, to oversee CLEAR works within the West Africa Sub Region. It is hosted by the Office of the Deputy Rector for GIMPA with its Academic programmes carried under the School of Public Service and Governance.

The aim of CLEAR GIMPA is to strengthen M&E practice and increase the use of evidence by decision-makers who are its partners within the West African Sub Region and improve performance and accountability. To achieve this, CLEAR GIMPA scrupulously seeks to; contribute to strengthening scholarships and evaluation capacity building, create awareness on global practices in M&E, assist its partners to develop M&E infrastructure and commit resources to contribute to the development of models, tools and systems for M&E practice in West Africa. CLEAR GIMPA undertakes its project activities through four main business lines namely; National Evaluation Systems, Strengthening Legislative oversight, Strengthening Evaluation Practice and Strategic Knowledge Management and Research.

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