Academic Programmes

Business School / Greenhill Bachelor of Accounting4 years
Bachelor of Economics4 years
Bachelor of Enterpreneurship4 years
Bachelor of Finance4 years
Bachelor of Marketing4 years
Bachelor of Human Resource Management4 years
Bachelor, Operation and Supply Chain Management4 years
Bachelor, Hospitality And Tourism Management4 years
Bachelor, Procurement Management4 years
Bachelor, Project Management4 years
School of TechnologyUndergraduate Programmes
4 years
School of Public Service and GovernanceBachelor of Public Administration4 years
Law SchoolLL. B Day Programme 4 years
LL. B Regular Programme
3 years
LL.B Modular Program
4 years
School / DepartmentProgrammeDuration
Business School / GovernanceDoctor of Philosophy (PhD)
5 years
School of Public Service and GovernanceDoctor of Philosophy (PhD)
5 years
School / DepartmentProgrammeDurationDateFee
Achieving Operational Excellence3 daysJanuary 29 - 31Gh¢1,600
Procurement Management in Practice3 daysJanuary 29 - 31GHC1,400
Certificate in Forensic Psychology and Corporate Security9 SaturdaysFebruary 1-March 28GHC1,800
Health Administration and Management4 weeksFebruary 3 - 28Gh¢3,070
Project Planning & Management5 daysFebruary 10 - 14Gh¢1,700
Report Writing and Corporate Communication Skills4 daysFebruary 10 - 13Gh¢1,500
Public Financial Management 5 daysFebruary 10 - 14Gh¢1,700
Brand Positioning3 daysFebruary 11 - 13Gh¢1,400
Leading & Managing People3 daysFebruary 11 - 13GH¢1,650
Bid/Tender Writing Skills3 daysFebruary 12 - 14Gh¢1,400
Leadership Sandwich Programme6 monthsFebruary 17-August 7
Budgeting & Financial Planning and Management4 daysFebruary 18 - 21Gh¢1,600
Project Management Professional® 7 SaturdaysFebruary 22 - April 4Gh¢2,100
Legal Education for Executives I (Business and the Law)5 daysJanuary 24 - 28Gh¢2,550
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)5 daysFebruary 24 - 28Gh¢1,700
Office Management and Supervisory Skills5 daysFebruary 24 - 28Gh¢1,600
Corporate Governance for Organisational and Business Success3 daysFebruary 25 - 27GH¢1,650
Finance and Accounting for Non-Finance Managers3 daysMarch 3 - 5Gh¢1,400
Managing People for High Performance3 daysMarch 3 - 5Gh¢1,400
Project Management Professional® - Prep Class for Exams4 SaturdaysMarch 7 - 28GHC1,500
Human Resource Management5 daysMarch 9 - 13Gh¢1,700
Competency and Functional Skills4 daysMarch 10 -13Gh¢1,500
Negotiation and Influence Skills for Executives3 daysMarch 11 - 13GH¢1,650
Building Effective Teams3 daysMarch 11 - 13Gh¢1,400
Contract Management and Administration3 daysMarch 11 - 13Gh¢1,400
Customer Service Excellence3 daysMarch 17 - 19Gh¢1,400
360 Degrees Leadership Programme (Residential - Busia Resort, Aqua Safari, Volta Serene) etc5 daysMarch 23 - 27
Certificate in Customer Service Management9 SaturdaysMarch 21 - May 16Gh¢1,500
Certificate in Agricultural Business Administration9 SaturdaysMarch 21 - May 16Gh¢1,800
Events Management3 daysMarch 25 - 27Gh¢1,400
Gender Development and Resource Centre (GDRC)
Certificate in Gender Development
Women In Management - Middle Level
Women In Management - Senior Level
Customized Programmes