GIMPA Organises Seminar on Corporate Culture for Staff

By Joyce Boahemaa Fosu

A day’s seminar on cultivating a sound corporate culture and good governance has been organised for the staff of GIMPA.

The programme, an initiative of the middle level association of GIMPA, sought to educate staff on GIMPA’s corporate culture and good governance practices.

It also sought to provide an in-depth knowledge about corporate culture to the staff and also to encourage them cultivate and improve on their attitude and performance towards work.

Mrs. Stella Agyenim-Boateng, the Human Resource Director of GLICO group, who was the resource person for the programme lauded the middle level association for the initiative.

She stressed the need for staff to know their corporate culture as it was an important element in the survival of an organisation, ‘when it comes to corporate culture, we put our own interest aside and concentrate on the main interest of the organisation.

She said it was imperative that GIMPA stayed relevant hence the topic, adding that ‘Competition has come and we do not have the pleasure to relax because people now have choices.

‘To be relevant you need to be strategic, proactive, invest in your network, be an influencer, be a risk taker, be ambitious in a positive way and follow the bigger picture,’ she stressed.

The other factors, she indicated, were the need to be action oriented, motivational, be a skilful communicator and above all, learn to multi task.

According to Ms. Agyenim-Boateng all these traits combined would result in a breed of very efficient and professional staff who would in turn be very productive.

On her part Mrs. Victoria Kumbour, the Human Resource Director of GIMPA, reiterated the need for employees to be abreast with the corporate culture of their organisation saying, that was the only sure way to ensure that employees behaved in an appropriate and acceptable way to enable them achieve the goals of the institute.

‘GIMPA’s mantra is ‘undoubted centre of excellence’, excellence is also underpinned by timeliness and punctuality, however there seem to be a culture of non-responsiveness on the part of most staff which is becoming alarming,’ she said.

Mrs. Kumbour therefore, charged the staff to be more proactive and professional in their dealings in order to redeem GIMPA’s image.

The chairman for the occasion was Mrs. Naomi Omani Marbell, the women’s commissioner for the middle level association.