Academic Programmes

Business School / Greenhill Bachelor of Accounting4 years
Bachelor of Economics4 years
Bachelor of Enterpreneurship4 years
Bachelor of Finance4 years
Bachelor of Marketing4 years
Bachelor of Human Resource Management4 years
Bachelor, Operation and Supply Chain Management4 years
Bachelor, Hospitality And Tourism Management4 years
Bachelor, Procurement Management4 years
Bachelor, Project Management4 years
School of TechnologyBSc in Computer Science (BSc CS)
4 years
BSc in Information and Communication Technology (BSc ICT)
4 years
BSc in Management Information Systems4 years
School of Public Service and GovernanceBachelor of Public Administration4 years
Law SchoolLL. B Day Programme 4 years
LL. B Regular Programme
3 years
LL.B Modular Program
4 years
School / DepartmentProgrammeDuration
Business School / GovernanceDoctor of Philosophy (PhD)
5 years
School of Public Service and GovernanceDoctor of Philosophy (PhD)
5 years